Spring 2018!

Spring 2018!

I am greatly excited to announce, the launch of our 2018 Spring Collection for you all to see; as well as share some of the experiences behind the creation of such a book, from start to finish. The process begins in our design department where our fashion designers start preliminary style sketches, select fabrics, and forecast color trends, as everything slowly starts to take shape and a single idea turns into a new style and eventually expands into a collection. It’s interesting to watch the creation come to life slowly, first on a page with pencil, then digitally the shape is refined and color-ways are explored. Finally, the garment prototype is made where our design team can test it out and make adjustments so that the finished product adheres to our high standards. The polarized worlds of fashion and athletics meet in the middle.


Once samples are complete, it’s time to pass the baton over to our graphic design team, where it’s their job to bring forward our brand’s vision and showcase the high-quality fabrics and styles in a simple, cohesive and visually pleasing way. We always pour a lot into this step of the game, as you’ll note subtle but elegant branding enhancements in all of our visual elements.


A lot of planning and tying up loose ends before photo shoot day. It started off in the early morning as models started coming in and getting ready. While the photographer and his assistant were busy setting up the studio, we were finalizing our shot list and organizing our styles onto racks to make the process go as smooth as possible. It was a long day, nearly 12 hours, as we shot through all our womens, mens and girls collections.


The raw photos are passed on by the photographer and that’s when all the elements get edited, arranged and find their own space in our catalog as the digital book is printed and comes to life. We are dedicated to making sure you receive our very best. Don’t miss this season, check it out right here; we are already getting to work on our next!


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  1. Why is it impossible to find the Venice Lace 14″ skirt anywhere this spring?
    None of the online tennis stores are carrying this skirt. I have looked at all of them and called as well. Very frustrating that a Spring Line is not available anywhere this spring. Can we purchase directly through Sofibella?

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