Clay Court Nationals & Some Thoughts

Clay Court Nationals & Some Thoughts

Last week the team and I spent some time at the Polo Club of Boca Raton (pst, their pro shop is awesome and carries our line), a beautiful venue on it’s own, but what made it more interesting was the fact that the USTA National Clay Courts junior tournament was going on, a prestigious event that attracts some of the top players in the nation. The different age groups were all playing at different locations, and the Polo Club was hosting the girls 12s and 14s.

It’s the early years of the crazy world of competitive tennis; each player fighting to take home the trophy and to improve their ranking in order to better their chances at playing at a D1 university, some even prospecting the professional life. With that in mind, and often numerous sacrifices made by the player and their family, it’s no surprise tensions are often high and you can feel the pressure in the air.

I walked around and enjoyed the displays of tennis and young talents, with no particular player in mind to watch, an impartial spectator you could say. Tennis is a game of small margins, of inches, it’s an endless collection of single points; sometimes you become so absorbed in the now that you fall into a sort of tunnel vision, unable to look past the moment or the last match. Though I entirely understand the amount invested into the sport, often financially, I think it’s very important to emphasis to all players, but junior players in particular, how long the journey of tennis will take them and how important the ability to forget is.

Tennis is this beautiful life long sport that teaches so much, independence, mental strength, toughness, responsibility, critical thinking, problem solving. It pushes you daily in ways you never could imagine, it’s painful and ruthless, its often isolating, but in the end it’s this incredibly valuable sport that shapes you. It’s a privilege to be a part of it, to have the opportunity to compete, and to win and lose. It’s cliche, but there will always be another match. Tennis is a privilege for all those who play at any level or age, irregardless of which girls were the better players or who won the event, I think it’s those players who learn that lesson early on are the ones that will go far.

Calm before the storm, right before walking up to the courts at the Polo Club.
Naturally stopped by the clubhouse to check out the pro shop who carry our styles!
Stopped by Bolay next door to the Polo Club for a healthy lunch before heading back home


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